Jason D. Buenrostro, PhD    Jason D. Buenrostro, PhD
   Principal Investigator
   Broad Institute Fellow
   Harvard Society Junior Fellow
   Allen Distinguished Investigator
   Twitter: @jd_buenrostro

Postdoctoral Fellows
Fabiana Duarte    Fabiana Duarte, PhD
   Postdoctoral Fellow

Vinay Kartha    Vinay Kartha, PhD
   Postdoctoral Fellow

Lindsay LaFave    Lindsay LaFave, PhD
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   Joint with Tyler Jacks Lab

Sai Ma    Sai Ma, PhD
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   Joint with Aviv Regev Lab

Tongtong Zhao    Tongtong Zhao, PhD
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   Joint with Fei Chen Lab

Graduate Students
Zack Chiang    Zack Chiang, BS
   Graduate Student

Caleb Lareau    Caleb Lareau, MA
   Collaborating Graduate Student
   Vijay Sankaran Lab

Research Assistants
Alison Brack    Alison Brack, BS
   Research Assistant

Undergraduate Students
Venkat Sankar    Venkat Sankar
   Undergraduate Research Fellow
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Administrative Support Staff
Meredith Fedorovsky    Meredith Fedorovsky
   Broad Fellows Coordinator