Welcome Salman!

Welcome Salman to the lab! Salman has an MD PHD, and just blew us away with some of the cool science he’s done over the years. We’re excited to have in the lab and look forward to working with him! [Read More]
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A cis-regulatory atlas

Amazing data to explore and exciting to see what multi-omics data can do for us. Thanks to our collaborators and the immunology community for defining these cell types, gives us regulation people a chance to understand the epigenome! [Read More]
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A perspective

Lots of fun writing this with colleagues Shema and Bernstein, it’s an exciting time to be working on gene regulation and epigenomic technologies! [Read More]
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Harvard SCRB!

Great news, I’m excited to officially announce that the Buenrostro lab will be joining Harvard’s SCRB department! My sincerest thanks to lab members who have chosen to take a risk and embark on this new-lab-rollercoaster/journey with me. Looking forward to great science at SCRB! [Read More]
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New publications!

Congratulations to great collaborators at Stanford and a great team here at the Broad, check out a few new papers published by our group! [Read More]
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