Harvard SCRB!

Great news, I’m excited to officially announce that the Buenrostro lab will be joining Harvard’s SCRB department! My sincerest thanks to lab members who have chosen to take a risk and embark on this new-lab-rollercoaster/journey with me. Looking forward to great science at SCRB! [Read More]
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New publications!

Congratulations to great collaborators at Stanford and a great team here at the Broad, check out a few new papers published by our group! [Read More]
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Welcome Vinay to the lab

Welcome Vinay to the lab! Vinay is a great computational biologist and is pretty excited to work with single-cell ATAC-seq data. Should be fun! Looking forward to working together! [Read More]
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New paper out in bioRxiv

Congratulations to Caleb, Jacob, Erik and Leif for the fantastic paper we just put up on bioRxiv. A product of a really fun collaboration with the Sankaran lab! [Read More]
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